The Sunday Post | Graduation & Prom

I am very happy to announce to you that I have officially graduated secondary school (or 'middelbare school'). Finally after six  - sometimes hard but mostly fun - years I am done. I have made some very fond memories during these years and I made some amazing friends, who I hopefully still be in touch with when I go to university. Now what's next for me? Well university of course. I will be moving out soon and will start a life on the other side of the country (trust me it's not that far). I am really looking forward to this. 

Now these pictures. I'll start with the one on top, graduation. A few weeks ago I had my graduation ceremony, gosh that sounds fancy. We had to walk on a catwalk to a stage where your tutor was standing, he or she then helt a speech about you and then you could sign your diploma. Trust me on this one, that was one of the scariest moments in my life. I was so afraid of falling off the catwalk because I was wearing these ridiculously high heels. Yet looking back on it now I did have a lot of fun with my friends and family. 

Also sometime ago - already a few months now - I had my prom. Prom is not very common in the Netherlands so we were lucky we had one. I was wearing a gorgeous black ZARA dress with cutouts on the sides and again the ridiculously high heels. It was so much fun to see everyone dolled up and looking all fancy, even the teachers! and even though the music was bad at times I still enjoyed it very much.

Have you had your prom or graduation yet? 

The Crookes

About two months ago I went to Ekko in Utrecht to a The Crookes concert. At that time I didn't really know this band very well, I knew they had some very good songs but that was about it. Now let me tell you, this concert turned out so much better than I could've expected it to be. The band was great live and they were also a bunch of lovely lads who were always up for a chat. Ekko as a place was also very cool, it was small but that made the whole vibe that was going on much better. I believe their tour is over now but if you ever get the chance to see these guys, go for it!

I really recommend the song 'Backstreet lovers', 'Yes, Yes, We are magicians', 'Afterglow' and 'Maybe in the Dark'. Don't forget to check out their latest album, it's called 'Soapbox' and is very good. 

Meet the Blogger: Marloes

Meet Marloes. She is 20 years old and runs the highly successful dutch blog The Style Sandwich. On a daily basis she posts articles about fashion, beauty, photography, food, lifestyle and all her adventures. Her blog is basically her own journal which she shares with us. I had the delight to ask her a couple of questions. Keep on reading to find out what she answered.

White Nail Polish

I spy with my little eye a new nail trend. Remember the tipp-ex nails back in primary school or high school? Well they're back. Yet this time it is not tipp-ex but it is nail polish. A trend that is totally classy and sophisticated when handled right. Just like black nail polish white nail polish is something most people are hesitant about. It is something that stands out and isn't for everyone, but why not give it a try?

Over the past month I have seen a couple of my favorite bloggers rocking this trend and I must say they do it well. This gave me something to think about; when is white nail polish hot and when is it not. I came to the conclusion that it depends on the shade of white, it is better to go for a slight off white than for that bright hospital white. Good shades are: Marshmallow by Essie and Funny Bunny by OPI.

Next to the right shade you can also tone it up a bit by putting a glitter top coat over it or even doing some nail art. If you are not familiar with nail art you can either get your nails done or do something simple like put a rhinestone on it. You can't go wrong with this look, make it your own.


The Sunday Post | Trains, Primark and Bosche Bollen

Busy, busy, busy. That is all I have been lately. Schoolwork has been overwhelming and I am happy to be able to say that at least for a couple of weeks I can finally get a bit of rest and enjoy the weather. My last week of exams are over and now I only have my finals left (or central exams as we call them). Over the past weeks I've had to study my brains out, I applied for a university and I made plans for the summer.

When I had some time to spare one of my friends and I went on a little adventurous trip. We had recently purchased some train tickets to go to an event, yet the event got cancelled. The question rose what to do with the train tickets. We decided that we'd just do a day of traveling and exploring. We ended up going to three cities, which were Den Bosch (or 's Hertogenbosch), Eindhoven and Utrecht.

In Den Bosch we just walked around for a bit because the weather was lovely. After that we went on a mission to find a so called 'Bosche Bol' which is a typical pastry as shown in the picture above. Ironically we ended up finding one in the starbucks at the station, but I must say it was delicious.
   After Den Bosch we went to Eindhoven to do some shopping. Fortunately for us, Eindhoven has the biggest Primark in our country. So yes we did some damage. I ended up taking more stuff home then I originally planned to, as you do when you go to a Primark.
   Finally we ended the day in Utrecht, which is an absolute lovely city and I love going there. There's the canals and the edgy shops. I'd say it's almost a little cooler version of Amsterdam, well sort of. We ate dinner there at this restaurant called 'Stairway to heaven', it had a very nice atmosphere and the food was very good. If you are ever in Utrecht, this restaurant I definitely recommend.

Pictures by Castle of Beauty
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