The Sunday Post | Disposable Fun

Who knew one could have so much fun with a disposable camera?

Almost two years ago I visited London with my mother, it was a reasonably good spring and the weather was allright for London. On the trip I did bring my normal digital camera but I also brought a disposable camera. At the time I hadn't used a disposable camera in ages. Yet I turned out loving them. Yes you cannot delete or re-do any photos but that is so nice about; you get real pictures without it being photoshopped or without the photo being re-taken 10 times before it is good. It's that old camera feel you know. 

Do you like to use disposable cameras? 


  1. Lovely photographs, I love disposable cameras and completely agree with you!

  2. love all the pics. <33

  3. I love the photos! I can't believe they were taken with a disposable camera. I've been wanting one for ages but I never got around to actually buy one. Need to change that asap.
    As I said, lovely photos, they really made me homesick. Ah, I miss London! :) <3

  4. These photos make me wanna go back to London again :)

  5. Love the photos! I miss the days of disposable cameras - I used to take them all the time on school trips! These are awesome.


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