The Sunday Post | Graduation & Prom

I am very happy to announce to you that I have officially graduated secondary school (or 'middelbare school'). Finally after six  - sometimes hard but mostly fun - years I am done. I have made some very fond memories during these years and I made some amazing friends, who I hopefully still be in touch with when I go to university. Now what's next for me? Well university of course. I will be moving out soon and will start a life on the other side of the country (trust me it's not that far). I am really looking forward to this. 

Now these pictures. I'll start with the one on top, graduation. A few weeks ago I had my graduation ceremony, gosh that sounds fancy. We had to walk on a catwalk to a stage where your tutor was standing, he or she then helt a speech about you and then you could sign your diploma. Trust me on this one, that was one of the scariest moments in my life. I was so afraid of falling off the catwalk because I was wearing these ridiculously high heels. Yet looking back on it now I did have a lot of fun with my friends and family. 

Also sometime ago - already a few months now - I had my prom. Prom is not very common in the Netherlands so we were lucky we had one. I was wearing a gorgeous black ZARA dress with cutouts on the sides and again the ridiculously high heels. It was so much fun to see everyone dolled up and looking all fancy, even the teachers! and even though the music was bad at times I still enjoyed it very much.

Have you had your prom or graduation yet? 


  1. You look really good! Hope you had fun xx
    please check out my blog if you get the chance


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